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This is Fantom. She is a black and white paint and if I can get my act together (Clare, too) we may start riding her instead of Mr. Grumpy. Fantom is a beautiful horse, smaller than Texas. I’m not sure why they want to switch horses but I don’t think I will be sorry if they do. I guess my relationship with Texas is tainted by the fact that he bit me on my first day riding. As much as I’ve gotten used to his grumpy old ways (just do not get too close to him when he’s getting his girth tightened) and the fact that he’s a little unpredictable, I’ve never really felt as comfortable around him as I do around some of the other horses.

Some of the other horses are just downright cuddly and right now I’m feeling the need for a more cuddly horse than Ol’ Mr. Grumpy. Last week he took off on me at a canter when all I’m ready for is a trot. And I have to admit that he scared the pants off of me. I handled myself fairly well and got him under control, but afterwards, all I was ready for was a walk. And maybe a trot on the longe line. And then I thought about it all week long to the point where I almost didn’t go for my next lesson.

But I did and we worked on steering and we did trot some, but only on the line again. Calmed me down a bit and I’ll probably be better next lesson. I’d love to be a bit more independant in my seat, but I’m sure that will come in time. I’m hoping that when the warmer weather comes and Clare starts vaulting again, the extra time at the stables will help me get my comfort level back again.

~ by photobella on 27 January, 2009.

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