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When I first started working on my Project 365 my intent was really just to take at least one photo a day. I don’t even remember when or how the blogging idea started. I started posting my pictures and writing about them. And then I found that I couldn’t separate the two. If I took a photo, I needed to write about it. If I had something I wanted to say, I really felt like I needed a picture to put with the text.

One of the biggest challenges of taking one photo a day is finding something worthy of shooting. Admittedly, it was easier in the first hundred days or so of this project. In the beginning, I was pretty jazzed to find something worthy of shooting every day. I was becoming a bit obsessed about it. At some point, the project and the idea that not only did I have to take one picture every day but I would have to post it and write something witty or maybe even downright clever about it, became an awful lot of work.


I guess that is the place I’m finding myself at right now. Blogging is work. I bet you not only didn’t know that but never even thought about that possibility. Another thing is that blogging is responsibility. I bet you didn’t know that either. But it is. Whenever someone says “I added your blog to my Google Reader list,” I say to myself, “Wow, someone’s really reading my blog.” And then I say “Crap, someone’s reading my blog.” Because if I don’t post, there’s nothing to read. Then again, if I do post, there still may be nothing worth reading.


I wanted this post to be about finding color in the midst of the grey of winter. About how I can only take so many pictures of the barren trees, grey skies and snow covered landscapes before I am forced to resort to buying tulips at the grocery store and taking pictures of my kids’ art projects just so I can see a rainbow again. About how my color hunger needs to be fed and how, while many people complain of lack of sunlight affecting their moods in winter, I think the problem is a lack of color.


But what I keep coming back to is this chicken and egg question; am I a photographer who is writing about what I see or am I a blogger who is illustrating what I think? What is driving this process? The vision or the story? What do you think?

~ by photobella on 26 January, 2009.

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