photo of the day (winter fun)


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but winter is not my favorite time of year. It’s cold, it’s slippery and Connecticut in winter has the tendency to be pretty grey. And cold. Did I mention cold? Granted, it’s not Minnesota, Michigan, Upstate NY, or Canada kind of cold. But still it’s cold. And bundling up and walking around with as much padding as an old Polar Bear is not my thing. But seriously, folks, I have a choice here. I can park my butt inside and look out the window, wishing it were spring or at least a little warmer, or I can bundle myself up and take my sorry Polar Bear carcass outside and have some fun.

I choose fun.


And so do my kids.


The dog wants in on the fun, too. This is him asking for someone to play ball with him.


By the time we were done, the basketball was completely white and looked like a giant snowball.


Last winter there was barely enough snow to inspire us to buy a new sled to replace the old, chewed up ones we were left with from the winter before. But this winter, there is plenty. So despite the fact that our sledding hill in the backyard is filled with obstacles like a potential trip down a very steep and rocky cliff, raspberry bush prickers left over from the summer, a tree or two, and a creek at the bottom, we still head out and risk life and limb for a good ride. (You do know that I’m exagerating the danger here, don’t you?)


Despite the weather there are still riding lessons. The indoor riding ring does cut the chill down a teeny bit but really, it’s still pretty chilly riding in 2o something degree weather. Toes get cold and fingers get numb. Posting a lot helps but Clare and I still make a mad dash to the car and my heated seats when we are done.


Poor old Mr. Grumpy doesn’t like the cold at all. His arthritis flares up and he is pretty stiff and sore. There are icicles on his coat and around his hooves. Clare and I are his only riders these days and so he gets an hour or so of exercise to loosen up his old joints.


He was pretty feisty for our lessons and gave me a taste of cantering despite the fact that I haven’t learned past a trot. It had me kinda spooked for the rest of the lesson, but I hung in there (and hung on,) despite the fact that I felt like remaining at a walk for the rest of the lesson was just ok with me.


On Wednesdays, at our homeschool coop, I am teaching a photography class. I offered the students the choice of staying inside and taking pictures or venturing outside and they choice outside. They are hardy, New England youngsters (with the emphasis on youngsters) and so outside we went. You may notice that some of them are only wearing sweatshirts (boys only, mind you; the girls had more sense than to go outside so poorly dressed.)


We didn’t stay out for very long but I have to admit that the air was crisp and the sun was pleasant.


My cold tolerant mood may be colored by the fact that the forecast calls for temps in the 40s tomorrow. This may just call for a field trip into the big city. I’m sure that the low temperatures of the preceding weeks will make the 40s seem balmy. I could use a change of scenery, even if it’s just for the day.


~ by photobella on 21 January, 2009.

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