photo of the day (a little nostalgia)


So maybe I’m cheating a little with this post. But I’ve been organizing the family photo archive and I’m filled with nostalgia for the days when my kids were so small and cute. Hey, I was small and cute in those days, too.

Anyway, this picture was taken in 1996. The gentleman holding my then year old son, Nick, is Stefan Lorant. My husband and I met Stefan in 1993 or 1994 (I’ll have to check on that date) when we were working on the International Center of Photography’s annual Infinity Awards. Stefan was being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award (he was, after all, the “Godfather of Photojournalism.”) Maybe you already knew that? Most of the other recipients of that year’s awards were happy to send photographs and other items that were to be used in their presentations in to a studio to be photographed. Not Stefan. He insisted that none of his possessions were to be sent out and that if we wanted access to his photographs, then someone had to come to his house and take pictures of them there. That someone turned out to be my husband. After a trip or two out to Stefan’s house in Lenox, Mass, Stefan extended an invitation for me to come for the next session and spend the weekend. That began a friendship that was way too short in duration.

The list of Stefan’s accomplishments is as long and as full as his life. The man knew everyone and if he didn’t know them, well, they probably weren’t worth knowing. He was a film maker, a photographer, a journalist, an editor and a writer. He is better known in England, where his magazine, The Picture Post, was the precursor to Life magazine in the States. He is reported to have given Marlene Dietrich her first screen test and not seen much potential. Here are a couple of links to the scarce amount of information on the web regarding this amazing man:

Stefan Lorant

Stefan Lorant, NY Times Obituary

I’m sorry that we didn’t have more time with him.

~ by photobella on 19 January, 2009.

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