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Last year I think we had all of 2 significant snowfalls. My son, Nick, says that if it’s going to be cold out, it might as well snow. I have mixed feelings about that. I’m not a happy driver in the snow. I’m also not so hot on having to clean off my car and shovel the part of the driveway that can’t be plowed. Lucky for me, my kids are now old enough to take on that chore and while I’m a little (ok, a lot) more compulsive about how much snow has to be cleared away, I didn’t have to do much of it when we headed off to Church on Sunday.

I did think for a minute or two about heading over to Longshore for a walk and some picture taking but it was very cold and windy when we got out of Church so we headed for home instead. I took this shot through the window of our great room as Zki and I were warming ourselves by the fire.


I was going to pass on a walk through the park after dropping Clare off at school this morning but I had the dog with me and my yak traks to put on my shoes for traction and it wasn’t so very cold as it promises to be the rest of this week, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  I knew it was the right choice for as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Looby began to sing his little song of joy at the the thought of getting to run free through the park. The first thing he usually does is pee on the sign that states, “All dogs must be on leash.”

Of course, since I hadn’t planned to walk, I hadn’t taken my camera. And of course, the light was just right, shining through the ice covered trees and making everything sparkle like diamonds.


So we walked quickly once around the park and I headed for home to get my camera (and maybe even my son) and come back in hopes that I catch what was left of the morning light.


Another walk around the park was just fine with my dog and I. Although this time, I wasn’t walking fast enough for his tastes and he wandered a little too far away for my tastes.


I guess I’m more of a hardy New Englander than I like to admit. Even the cold and the snow doesn’t keep me inside. Well, sometimes it does. And while I’d truly prefer to be out kayaking and sitting in the sun on the beach with my friend Jody, who lives in Florida (just look in my sidebar to read up on her adventures in her blog,) I know that when I can venture off to the beach and go off on my kayaking adventures, Jody will be dealing with the Florida heat. And the hurricanes. Did I mention Alligators? Tourists?

So maybe winter in New England is not such a bad trade-off for getting to have 3 seasons of fun. Then again, it’s only the middle of January. I’ll let you know in March if I’m really making it through the winter.

~ by photobella on 12 January, 2009.

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