photo of the day (new years eve eve)


This is Clare on Texas. She calls him “Mr. Grumpy” but he really isn’t all that bad. Just an older horse with arthritis that acts up in the cold. I’m starting to love and appreciate more each time I ride him. It’s a combination of getting more comfortable with him but also with the whole process of riding. And Texas has got me pegged. The upshot is that I bring treats and he knows it.

The woman who taught the puppy classes we took Luath to once told me that dogs only want to know two things: who’s in charge and is there food involved? When I started my riding lessons, Kirsten told me that horses are also looking to see who is the leader in every situation. If you aren’t going to take charge, then they feel they have to. Some horses don’t want to be in charge but they will be if they think you aren’t going to step up to the plate. I’m mean, someone has to be the boss. And like with dogs, they respond well to food incentives.


So the long and the short of it is when Clare is riding, if she doesn’t take charge and make Texas go where she wants him to go, he heads for me. I’m flattered and all but I know, really, it’s all about the treats.


I stepped out of the ring for a minute to get both Clare and Texas less focused on me and more on her lesson and took this shot of Archie. Archie is a Hafflinger cross and he’s very pretty. Isn’t he goofy? He is such a sweetheart. I don’t know horses well enough to know what he is saying but I know he’s communicating something.

Someday, I’ll get someone to take a picture or two of me riding. I’m doing pretty well, if I must say so myself. I’m trotting off the longe line and getting more and more comfortable with the whole steering, focusing on where I want my horse to go, keeping my hands in the right place, and using my body to direct my horse thing. I haven’t been focusing on diagonals yet, but I’m sure that will come up soon. There is much more to riding than I thought there would be. I love it so much and wish I could spend more time at it. I find it truly addictive. I only wish I had started earlier.

~ by photobella on 30 December, 2008.

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