photo of the day (christmas part deux)


We are usually by ourselves on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  This year, my Mom has been in rehab after a hip replacement but really, my parents are not all that comfortable in my house anymore. There are too many stairs and levels for my mom to negotiate. It’s also a long drive for my Dad to make these days. That and my Dad’s unwillingness to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch my children open their presents (he actually once suggested that they needed to wait until he was up and ready before they opened their gifts) has led to us making Christmas morning an event for just the four of us.

So, like many others with extended families, in order to get together with as many of us as possible, the celebration is continued the day after Christmas. A good deal of my family lives in New Jersey, at least a couple of hours drive south on a good day with no traffic. The Jersey contingent seems to get Thanksgiving. But lucky for me, one of my cousins lives about a half hour away from me in Brewster, NY. And most of the time, he and his family host our Christmas celebrations.


My cousin has a large piece of property and when we arrived, there was a family of deer, quietly enjoying a patch of grass amidst all the snow.


Inside, there was a serious game of scrabble going on in the Great Room.


My cousin’s oldest was in the kitchen, decorating a pie she had made.


The kitchen is always a gathering place on holidays. My cousin’s kitchen is especially large, warm and inviting.


Here is Clare and her cousins taking some time to do some artwork. The girls are very serious about their drawing.


Nick and his cousins taking a break from all the action.


Boggle was another hit of the day.


After the younger set opened their presents, the grab bag game began. I’m not the biggest fan of the idea but I’m getting used to it. I’m more of a “Secret Santa” kind of gal. I think it’s a little more personal. But hey, it’s not my house.


I’m not sure exactly what to say about the above. One of the grab bag gifts was a lovely pair of women’s gloves and this, well, er, interesting ensemble proudly modeled by my cousin and his son. If he sees this picture, he’ll probably blame my husband and me for bringing the tequila to the party. But really, we had some too and you don’t see us in Mrs. Claus’s bikini or Santa’s thong, now do you?

Ah, family. What ever would we do without them? All I can say is I’m very lucky to have mine.

~ by photobella on 26 December, 2008.

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