photo of the day (and so this is Christmas)


I’m pretty sure it was 6:30 am when I finally resigned myself to the fact that Clare was up and ready to open Christmas presents even if the rest of us really weren’t quite awake. So I crawled downstairs, half awake and put the kettle on for coffee.


Santa had come and he had left plenty of goodies under the tree and in stockings on the mantle.


We dispersed the gifts and proceeded to tear into to them to see what Santa had brought us.



It wasn’t long before all the presents were opened and the wrapping paper thrown away, we all started to play with our new toys.


Clare got a new game for her DS from Santa.


Nick started working on a model of a ecohouse that I am hoping will keep him busy and challenged for a long time to come.


Looby relaxed on the couch while Zki and I made cappucinno with our new cappucinno maker.


Nick got a webcam and we spent some time trying to get it to work. We got picture going but couldn’t get the mike to function with his computer.


Nick and I decided to break in my new Kitchen Aid mixer and we made sugar cookies to bring to our cousins’ Christmas tomorrow.


They are yummy!


Hard to believe that after all that scrambling and running around for so long, that Christmas could come and go so very  quickly. If I’m this tired, I can only imagine how Santa must feel.

~ by photobella on 25 December, 2008.

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