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We didn’t make it to the Lipman’s Christmas party because of the snow but we drove up the next day to start celebrating the season. We hadn’t all been together in a very long time and it was nice to see them.

We ate, we drank and we had a good time. Joe and Denise had renovated their house since we have been there last and Joe had indulged himself in a home theater that was so much fun.  The screen was at least 7 feet wide and 5 feet high. The bass on the sound system made the floors upstair rumble. One night Denise and I watched a movie upstairs (on the smaller 48 inch set) and the bass of the movie the boys were watching sounded like a subway was running underneath us.


The highlight of the house renovation (besides the home theater) was the fancy Japanese potty that did everything except introduce itself and ask for a date. There were way too many buttons and gadgets on that potty for me but my favorite feature was that it was heated. Ahhh! Happiness is a warm toilet seat on a cold morning!


We only stayed overnight and that wasn’t long enough. I’m hoping we get together soon and don’t let as much time pass before we see each other again.

~ by photobella on 20 December, 2008.

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