Photo of the day (the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree)


Saturday was really cold. I guess with 60 degree days in December the days when the temps are no higher than 30 something feel really chilly. But on Sunday, the temperature rose into the 40s and that was more tolerable so we went for a drive up the road into Bethel to get our Christmas tree.


We’ve been going to the same Christmas tree farm for a few years now.  One year we decided to get adventurous in our search for a tree so we headed into Easton to a place that I’d seen on the internet. It had a nice website and looked like a nice enough place. There was a gift shop and hayrides and warm cider. What we discovered was that everyone else in the tri-state area had seen the same website. There was a line of cars waiting to get in and a line of cars waiting to pay the inflated tree prices. I guess the Christmas spirit comes with a price. Luckily, I had made a list of some other places to get trees just in case we didn’t find what we wanted at the first place. Not far down the road was a lovely little place, off the beaten track, with hot chocolate and cookies and trees for half the price of the first place. Their website hadn’t been as fancy and their parking lot wasn’t filled with New Yorkers. We had some hot chocolate to warm us up and some cookies for inspiration and managed to find just the right tree.


Last year we went to find it again but it was closed down. That’s when we headed over to the place that is just a stone’s throw from the house. Nothing fancy. No website. No cider and cookies. Just Christmas trees for $25 no matter the size. Cause really when it comes down to it, all we want is a tree.


I used to think it was necessary to find the perfect tree and so I’d look and look and look some more.  I’d see one that I liked but instead of saying, “This is the one,” I’d keep up the search just in case a more perfect tree was hiding just around the corner. I discovered that after a while the trees all looked the same. I’d pick one out but keep looking “just in case” and forget where the tree I had liked before was located. All that effort to cut down a tree that would sit in our living room for a couple of weeks, then dry up and get thrown out in the woods. So now when we go looking for a tree, it really doesn’t take all that long to pick one out.


We find one we like, congratulate ourselves for doing so, and cut it down and bring it home.


The boys are responsible for getting the tree ready to come into the house and set it up to be decorated. Clare and I get the lights and the ornaments ready and put on the Christmas music. My job is to wrap strand upon strand of lights around the tree and then let the kids go to it with the ornaments.


And then we get to enjoy the lights and the sparkle of the season. Joy to the World!

~ by photobella on 14 December, 2008.

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