photo of the day (first snow of the season)


I knew it was supposed to snow on Sunday but I didn’t take it seriously. Yes, it was a healthy dose of denial. After all, this is New England and the winter is just around the corner. I heard a plow go by sometime in the night before but pretended I didn’t. And there it was when I woke up Sunday morning. That cold white stuff that my kids still love and I still dread. Snow. Truth be told, I’d love it as much as my kids do if I just didn’t have to drive in it. But I do and that fact alone tends to color my opinion a great deal.


Being the first snow of the season, I decided to leave my grouchy old grinchy self inside and go outside with Nick and the dog, take a picture or two and enjoy it. While my joy was not quite as unbridled as my dog getting the opportunity for a round of chasing a ball, I let myself breathe in the cold air and revel in the fluffy whiteness that surrounded me. In a day or two it will be gone and I will miss it’s beauty.

~ by photobella on 7 December, 2008.

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