Photo of the day (Christmas comes to Ridgefield)


Clare had an appointment to get her hair cut Friday afternoon and so we ended up in Ridgefield just at the start of the weekend Holiday Stroll. We needed to buy a birthday gift to bring to a party Clare was invited to the next day so after getting her hair cut we headed over to a bookstore and then to the Sweet Shop next door.


It was a chilly evening and we weren’t dressed to be outside for long periods of time but we were drawn to the crowds and the promises of a parade. So instead of heading home right after we made our purchases, we lingered on the streets, mixing in with the crowd that had gathered on the sidewalk to watch the procession.


We stood and waited not so patiently with the rest of the onlookers who were also not so very patient in the cold. Then, from up the street came the sound of horses’s hoofs on pavement and before we knew it, there was Santa and Mrs. Claus riding by us in a carriage with another carriage following close behind.


In a flash, they were gone, leaving us shaking our heads and realizing that there was no parade. Just Santa and some other guys in a carriage rolling past us. Not so bad, just not worth standing out in the cold for. Chilly as we were, walking seemed like the best bet to get some feeling back in our fingers and toes. With the toy store as our destination, we headed up the street.


Lucky for us, there were plenty of refreshments to be had everywhere we turned. There was lovely, hot cider and cookies in front of the dance studio and we stood and munched and warmed our tummies while listening to a group of carolers singing in front of a store.


Here’s Clare in front of the toy store, finishing a treat before going inside.


The toy store was packed to the brim with people. We stayed as long as we could stand the crowd and then headed back up the street. We browsed in store windows, stopped to write a postcard to send to one of the troops, and picked up a cookie or two before heading home. Both of us were humming carols as we walked to the car. What a lovely evening and fun start to the holiday season.

~ by photobella on 5 December, 2008.

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