love to eat those mousies . . .


. . . mousies what I like to eat.

Bite they little heads off

Nibble on they tiny feet.

Ok, really. Today was one of those “one thing leads to another” kind of days and since it was Monday and especially a Monday after a holiday, when I finally did get Nick up and out of bed, I managed to get him outside to help me finish cleaning up what was left of our vegetable garden. That lead to cleaning out the dead plants in the pond which led to me straightening out the garage so that I could put away some of the garden tools and lawn furniture for the winter.

There I was, dragging things out of the garage, when I looked out and on top of a trash can was a little brown mouse. Just sitting there. And staring at me with those huge, black beady eyes that seem to pop right out of his little mousy head.

I called Nick to come see him before he got scared enough to make a dash for safety. Nick came over and we watched the little fellow sitting on the trash can lid. We both expected the mouse’s visit to be short lived but I guess the mouse had other ideas. He continued to sit on the lid and stare at us, twitching his whiskers and his little black nose.

I grabbed a handful of bird seed and put it in front of him on the can. And he sat and nibbled on seeds while I went back into the garage to finish what I started. Neither of the dogs gave him a glance despite the fact that Luath brought his ball to me every few minutes for me to kick down the hill so he could bark and run after and bring it back to me again.

For the rest of the afternoon while Nick and I worked getting the yard ready for winter, the little mouse sat on the trash can lid, sometimes nibbling whatever was in front of him, sometimes just peering around and making sure no one was going to reach out, grab him and eat him in one quick bite. Hey, it could happen.

Then it was time to put everything back in the garage where it belonged, so I leaned the can over and he went scampering off into the grass. Now he knows where I store the birdseed. I’m sure he’ll be back visiting and looking for something to eat sometime during this winter.

~ by photobella on 1 December, 2008.

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