photo of the day (catching up again and making fire)


One of the things about the fall and the winter is that we are so very scheduled. There’s school for Clare, classes at Great Hollow for Nick, homeschool co-op, music lessons, riding, Aikido, musical theater and Church every Sunday (well, almost every Sunday as today we are taking the morning off to work on other things.) I still maintain that we are not as scheduled as some people I know but we are most certainly more scheduled than we were when the kids were younger and happier to just hang out at home. Really, there’s nothing wrong with having so much to do but the downside is that there is very little free time left in our lives and life tends to be a bit more predictable.


My husband has started to complain and suggest that we have too much going on. I just don’t know what it is that we are doing that any of us would be willing to give up. Certainly not my riding lessons. I know some will think this is sacrilegde but I could easily let both kids give up their music lessons and none of us would miss them at all. Neither of them ever practice and I don’t do the roll of “Nagging Mom” well. The thought of how much money goes into their lessons without results is not a happy one.


Nick has only a few more classes at Great Hollow and the winter session looks a bit sketchy.  I will be sorry that he won’t have his group to attend but not so sorry to miss the drive back and forth to New Fairfield especially if I have to do it in snow. We will have to find another reason to be out in the woods during the colder months.

Last week’s class was supposed to be a graduation of sorts. The kids had been working on building fires. While they didn’t have great success with a bow drill, they were all able to make one match fires and they demonstrated their abilities for some of the parents who came a bit early for pick up. Not to brag or anything, but Nick’s fire lasted the longest and started the fastest.

Here’s a shot of a couple of his classmates and their fires:



The next three weeks of the extended session will include focus on flint knapping. We are truly lucky to have such a resource as Great Hollow.

~ by photobella on 23 November, 2008.

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