photo of the day (Martinmas)


Fall is winding it’s way into Winter here in the Northeast. Most of the leaves are off the trees and those that remain are turning rich shades of brown, mahogany and rust. The skies are getting grayer and the mild days and cool evenings are bringing out the morning fog.


After I dropped Clare off from school, I took the dog for our morning walk through Putnam Park. I’m trying to get some exercise so I go into the park sans camera which isn’t always the best idea but assures me that I will actually walk and not pause to take a picture every few feet or so. I didn’t want to miss out on the lovely misty morning so I brought the dog home, grabbed up Nick and we went out hunting for a few good shots.


First we headed over to the reservoir and then to the Saugatuck Falls trail. Nick didn’t shoot much even with my encouraging him to see the beauty in the morning’s flat light. Taking pictures on a sunny day is easy. It’s finding beauty in all sorts of light that is the challenge. Nick was convinced the light was no good and therefore he wouldn’t get any good images. I’m going to have to work on his level of enthusiasm if he is going to help me encourage the rest of his buddies to see the potential in all kinds of picture taking opportunities. He told me not to worry, he’d do just fine, but he wasn’t an enthusiastic kind of guy. We’ll see.


I could have let myself be distracted by the serenity of the woods and the beautiful, flat light but there was work to be done at home and so we headed back to the house for a little (and I really mean a little) schoolwork and some baking for the evening’s Martinmas lantern walk.


We have been involved in Waldorf Education since Nick was old enough to attend his first organized play group. Since a big part of Waldorf Education revolves around celebrating the many festivals that fill the yearly calendar, we have been attending Martinmas celebrations for a long time now. Lately, it’s been a chore to drag myself to yet another celebration but once there, the magic tends to win me over. I mean, what can be bad about a cool fall evening in woods filled with luminaries, surrounded by friends, singing and baked goods galore?



Before the walk, everyone gathers in a circle to sing together and watch one of the grades perform a little song about St. Martin. Then slowly and in relative quiet, we head off to follow a trail through the woods lit by only a path of luminaries and children’s lanterns.


The evening is filled with color and light and the silent sounds of the woods and the hushed whispers of children.


Afterwards, there are treats to share and slowly everyone heads home, taking a piece of the magic with them to help them through the dark winter months.

~ by photobella on 14 November, 2008.

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