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Fall is such a busy time of year for us that making the time to walk in the woods is sometimes the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane.

Nick and I took a walk around Topstone Pond on Monday to help clear our heads and get us our week started. Neither of us are big fans of Mondays and mornings are not Nick’s favorite time of day. So I know that waking him up out of the coma I find him in most days (Mondays, especially) and then asking him to do Algebra is not the best move on my part. On those days, if I can get our bodies moving, I’m pretty sure our brains will follow.


If any of you have read my posts from this summer when I spent so much time at Longshore in Westport, you know that I love discovering new types of birds and animals. So imagine my delight when I spotted a bird I had never seen before swimming on the lake. This is the best picture of him that I could get. He is a Bufflehead. You can read more about him here.


The other thing that is keeping me sane (and happy, too!) is being able to spend time around horses. Twice a week Clare and I get to go to the farm and ride. This is Clare learning how to use a lunge line with Piper, who wasn’t in the mood to move at that particular time, thank you very much. One thing I’ve learned about horses is that they don’t always do what it is you want them to do when you want them to do it.


Have I mentioned that my lessons make me so darned happy? I get on Texas and start to ride and by the time I’m done I’m just a happy gal. Life is good. I wish I could fit another lesson in instead of just the one.


I haven’t gotten the nerve up to join Clare’s vaulting class. Yet. But I’m thinking maybe I will. At least I’d like to give it a try. After all, I’m telling Clare she shouldn’t be nervous standing and kneeling and flipping around on the horse so maybe I ought to put my money where my mouth is. Maybe. Like I said, I’m still thinking about it.

~ by photobella on 12 November, 2008.

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