photo of the day (this is halloween)

This is not my favorite time of the year. Well, it is and it isn’t. While I love the fall for it’s glorious colors, warm sunny days and cool nights and mornings, my appreciation for this time of year is tempered by the fact that winter is right around the corner.

The fall is always a busy time of year for everyone I know. School starts and with it comes all the extra-curricular activities and lessons. And as if a mother isn’t busy enough with all that, here come the holidays.

I am going to come clean and say, “I don’t like holidays.” Not that I’m an orgre or anything or some kind of big grinch (ok, maybe I am) but I personally think holidays are extremely overrated. And a lot of work. So this is the time of year for me when I tend to get pretty stressed out. (Damn you, Martha Stewart, for setting such high standards in entertaining!)

Halloween is the first big occasion on the holiday list. Although I have to admit that this year, it was pretty low key. The night before Halloween, Clare and I attended a fund raising event that the 7th grade class at her school held at Warrup’s Farm. There were games, stories, hayrides and lots of treats and a fun time was had by all.

We spent Halloween eve trick or treating and hanging out with Stef, Jeff and the girls at their condo in Norwalk. It’s the go to location in their neighborhood and it attracts a ton of kids and neighbors who are happy to hand out candy and watch the parade of scary, funny and creative costumes.

I was impressed with Nick’s costume this year. Last year he spent more money than I would normally allow on a very cool costume of a character from a Japanese Anime show he liked. Of course, most people didn’t know who he was, but those few who did were impressed. The plan was for him to wear the same costume again this year (and amortize the cost) but I guess wearing the obscure anime costume was not happening for him this year.

So he poked around on the net a bit and came up with his great idea. Then he headed down to the basement and brought up an old tv. After removing all the inner workings, he managed to figure out a way to fit the thing over his head. Pretty fun and clever costume, I thought.

This is the rest of the trick or treating crew. Nick knows that when we head out to Stef’s he is going to be surrounded by a gaggle of girls but he doesn’t seem to mind at all. I gave him the option of trick or treating with some of his Co-op friends but he was fine with our traditional trip to the Norwalk condos.

This is the highlight of our trick or treat evening. It’s simply known as “the garage” and it is the creation of one of the neighbors who puts a huge amount of time, effort and creativity into turning her garage into a different ghoulish haunt every year. This year the theme was “Lost Vegas” and as you can see there was some devilish fun going on.

Well, I made it through Halloween unscathed and relatively unharmed. Hopefully, the rest of the holidays will be just as easy.

~ by photobella on 31 October, 2008.

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