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The moon has been lingering well into the morning hours and this is the sight that greeted me as I stepped out into the backyard to take a few pictures before I drove Clare to school. She was very resistant and refused to get out of bed so we were running late. I was in danger of a good dose of “Mommy rage” so I thought I’d just let her eat her oatmeal and breathe in the morning air instead of stewing in the frustration of how much I had to do and how late she was making me.

While there is still some kale and chard left to pick and even a few brocolli flowerets, I’ve left my garden to it’s own devices. I am waiting for a real cold night to come and then I will pull out whatever the frost takes and leave whatever survives before I do any serious cleaning. For now the days have been warm and it’s hard to think about pulling out plants, turning over the soiland putting the garden to bed. Especially with the pineapple sage in such glorious bloom.

The barberry bushes around the house are starting to turn a lovely red. They are considered an invasive plant in Connecticut and many people put lot of effort into getting rid of them but I haven’t had the time. So for now, I just enjoy the color they add to the landscape in the fall.

With Clare safely tucked away at school, I meandered home and stopped to take a few pictures along the way. I’ve always wanted to get some pictures of Poverty Hollow, a road that runs through parts of Redding and Newtown, but for such a lovely country road, people drive extremely fast and there always seems to be someone right on my bumper when I am looking for a place to pull off and stop. Today, I found a safe enough spot to park and with Luath frantically barking away in the car, I clicked off a few frames.

Math is not the first thing I like to think of on a day such as this. Nick isn’t at his best before at least 11 a.m. anyway, so I got him up and out of bed and we headed out for a walk (think of it as homeschooling PE.)

These are the woods not far from the house.

This is the street that I walk down when I don’t want to deal with too much traffic.

We walked for what I figure to be about 3.5 miles. It’s a pleasant enough walk but a lot of hills. I try to arrange my walks so that most of the uphill climb is at the beginning of the walk and the rest of the way can be downhill.

After lunch, I left Nick with some schoolwork while I went to the bank and before I knew it,  it was time to pick Clare up from her regular Friday field trip to Warrups Farm.

This is Butter, the farm dog, leaning out the window to check out Luath who was barking at her from below.

This car was parked in the farm’s parking lot. I liked the colors and how fall-like it looked. It also reminded me of an old Hot Wheels car like the ones Nick used to play with (and still has by the bin full.)

I grabbed this shot of the sign near Warrups as Clare and I headed home. So as not to lose the rest of the beautiful fall afternoon, the kids and I spent some time outside doing a little fall clean-up of our fountain/pond. Last spring we sucked way too many dead froggies out of the too shallow pond so this year I decided that I would find a way to help them make it through the winter months. I’m still not sure how that is going to shape up but for right now we have a ten gallon tank filled with 5 green frogs (at least that is what we think they are.)

I don’t have any pictures of them yet, but I will have very soon so stay posted.

When you are going to take the care of an animal, you have to have something to feed it, so after the frogs were settled in their winter home, Clare and I headed out to the pet store to get them a cricket snack.

I’m ending this post with a shot of a bin full of Bobos out in front of the pet store. It’s a veritable Bobo heaven. And a perfect (and slightly silly) end to a post about a perfect fall day.

~ by photobella on 17 October, 2008.

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