photo of the day

We left New Jersey and Grandma’s house a little earlier than we had planned because Clare spiked a fever during the night and I thought it would be best if I got her home. I had hopes of maybe grabbing the kids and heading out to the shore for one last visit before we left but I scrapped that plan after Clare got sick.

I let the kids sleep in and make a lazy morning of it before we got in the car and headed back to Connecticut.

So as the day would not be a total loss, I made a brief stop at a Nursery not far from home, just over the Westchester border.

I had passed the place on the way to NJ and wished I had taken a moment to stop. But I hadn’t and since Clare wasn’t doing too bad on the return trip and the two kids were engrossed in a movie on my laptop in the car, I pulled in.

It didn’t take long before the batteries on the computer were running low and the kids were chasing after me and whining to get home. I did manage to get a shot or two in before the whining got bad enough to make me load them in the car again and finish our drive.

These guys must have been traveling a long time.

This dude and his companions were waiting for us as we pulled into a parking space. Is the service that bad here?

Nothing says Fall in New England like pumpkins.

~ by photobella on 11 October, 2008.

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