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The kids and I are visiting the Grandparents for the Jewish Holidays and the beginning of the weekend. This part of New Jersey is very flat and the sky is expansive and so it makes for some interesting sunsets the likes of which I don’t get living in the hills of Connecticut.

But development living is not for me. While it suits my parents needs very well, I am hopeful that I can avoid living in an old age concentration camp in my later years. Too many cookie cutter houses and too many rules.

Anyway, my parents are happy here and they have friends.

This is Sheba. Sheba is a Rag Doll cat who lives with Grace who is a friend and neighbor of my parents. My dad thought Clare would like to meet Sheba and he was right. Now Clare has put a Rag Doll kitten at the top of her Christmas list. However lovely Rag Doll kittens are, I’m not thinking Santa is likely to be bringing one to our house anytime soon.

Here’s a picture of Sheba and Big Foot. Yes, he does exist and this picture is proof.

Ok, really, it’s Nick and his size 11 feet that I am hard pressed to keep in shoes. Sheba was very curious about Nick and his large and growing self.

I wish I could say yes to every pet Clare asked for because it is really my childhood fantasy to fill my house with creatures of every shape and kind but the reality of it is that we are never home. I’d rather be able to take a trip to Paris (or where ever else the wind blows us) than have to stay home and tend to a house full of animals.

~ by photobella on 9 October, 2008.

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