photo of the day (fall is here)

Fall is here. Chipmunks and squirrels are busy hoarding food and getting ready for their winter sleep. It’s just about time to put my garden to bed. I need to figure out what to do with the frogs that are insisting they are going to try and tough out the winter in my pond so they don’t freeze to death.

We’ve been busy as little chipmunks as well. We are in the thick of our fall schedule with school for Clare, music lessons, riding, vaulting, Musical Theater class, Wilderness school, homeschool coop and church. We don’t have many days without a scheduled activity or 2 and when we do, they fill up quickly.

On Tuesdays, Nick spends his day at Great Hollow Wilderness School in New Fairfield and after I drop him off, I head to my riding lessons at Gray Friesian Farm.  That’s Kirsten leading Texas over for my lesson with her dog, Jake.

I am loving my riding lessons. Texas and I are getting to know each other better and I’m warming up to him more and more despite the fact that he is a very large brat. Today he refused to help me learn to bring him to a halt. He wanted to head for the gate and out of the ring but I wouldn’t let him. Since I wouldn’t let him get to the gate, he wouldn’t stop for me. Brat.

One Tuesday, I went to pick Nick up at Great Hollow and I got there a bit early. I walked into the barn to look around. It’s filled with all sorts of treasures: animal skins, bones, and the like.  I noticed some fluttering at the back of the barn and found a little wren trying to get out by throwing himself at the window. I thought I had him convinced to head towards the barn’s open doors and outside to freedom, but the goofy little thing flew to the back of the barn and straight towards the window. Bang. Lucky little bird, there was a chair under the window that broke his fall. I went to check and see if he was alive.  He was still breathing but dazed. I watched him until he got up and fluttered around the barn a bit.

After a while, Ethan and the kids got back from the woods and I told him about the wren. He climbed up on a chair and coaxed the bird into his hand. Ethan told me that the goofy little bird had been flying into the barn and knocking himself silly against the back window and landing in the same chair over and over again. Ethan let the bird rest in his hand and then let one of the boys in Nick’s class hold the bird and take him outside the barn. He finally flew off into the tall grass. I haven’t heard if he has come back again.

You can read a really great article about Great Hollow Wilderness School in the Danbury News Times.

We had our first opening at our Gallery and it was a fun and successful evening. You’d think that as a photographer, I’d have a picture or 2 of the event but I don’t. You’ll just have to take my word that it was a great first opening. We are looking forward to doing many more. We got lots of compliments about the Gallery and it seems we are moving in the right direction.

In case you are wondering, the crow picture has no real significance but you can read into it anything you’d want. I just really liked the image and wanted to post it here. If you see any great allegory hidden there, feel free to post a comment.

~ by photobella on 7 October, 2008.

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