photo of the days (back to school daze)

I’m playing catch-up here with my pictures and posting. It’s hard to believe that it has only been our first full week since we started school again.

Clare was showing it on Friday — she was tired and cranky and demanding that I let her stay home. But she made it through the day when I told her she had a field trip she didn’t want to miss over at Warrup’s Farm with Farmer Bill.

Nick and I have been doing pretty well in our homeschooling journey. We are plugging along at finishing our Pre-Algebra book and have only a couple of more lessons before we take the final review. We are studying civics for our 8th grade Social Studies and it is interesting to be studying government in such a critical election year.

I have to admit that Nick and I have been very distracted by the arrival of our copy of Spore. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you must have been asleep or too focused on the travesty of the media coverage of Sarah (Hacky Mom) Palin and her running mate — what the heck was his name again?. Either way, check Spore out. It’s so much fun and I am firmly convinced that all those hours spent in front of the computer creating the universe (or should I say “evolving” the universe, counts as learning time.

I’ve been trying to turn over a new leaf and get exercise back into my routine again. I’ve been taking Looby with me to drop Clare off at school and then stopping in the Park for a walk before I come home and start my day with Nick. It feels good to get myself moving again. I’ve been such a wimp since I had my Achilles Tendon repair and now it’s time to push myself.

I know this is a hodge-podge post, but that’s what happens if I don’t post everyday. While my garden has been sorely neglected over this past week, I wanted to include this picture of the one melon I harvested and am still enjoying with my breakfast in the morning. It’s as yummy as it looks and smells divine as well. I mentioned it to Farmer John the other day at Holbrook’s Farm and he asked me if I planted my melon vine near winter squash. I had. He then informed me that I should never plant melons near winter squash or my melons would be bitter (mine wasn’t but I will take his advice next spring when I plant again.) Who knew?

My picture of Bambi in the back yard is a little fuzzy because I was shooting through the screen. We don’t get deer in the yard very often. I must not plant very many inviting plants or else there is enough to get by with in the woods that surround our property or at the neighbors.

The dogs were barking up a storm when I took this picture and the deer was frozen in place for that moment before she darted away into the trees. I know all the hype about the increasing Lyme disease in this area but I still think deer are beautiful animals.

Here’s a self portrait I took as I was shutting my camera as I was heading over to get Clare at school. I think it came out really cool so even though it’s a mistake (I accidently hit the shutter button as I was reaching for the camera) I decided to post it anyway.

Just so you know, the extra deep furrow in my brow is brought on by the thought of a McCain presidency. Can you imagine the scenario? McCain/Palin win the election and he chokes on a pretzel and dies before he can finish his term. Then Sarah “I’m just a Hacky Mom” Palin takes over as President. (She is very qualified to do so because the proximity of Alaska to Russia makes her a Foreign Policy expert. Isn’t that what she told Charles Gibson?) Even if McCain does manage to make it through an entire term, he may just be too tired by the end of it to run again and she will be the Republican candidate for {shudder} President.

Hilary? Will you be busy in 2012?

Gosh, I’d better stop and go for a walk.

~ by photobella on 13 September, 2008.

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