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Ah, where to begin. Everywhere I go now there are signs of the coming Fall. The stores are full of mums and the sunflowers are full and tall. The days are still warm but the nights are cool and comfortable. It’s almost time to bring an extra quilt to the bed, especially if the windows are open at night.

Friday was a glorious day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue.

Saturday brought a tropical storm complete with torrential rains and a flooded basement. It poured and poured. The odd thing is that I was so focused on what I was doing all day that I didn’t pay Hanna much attention until she started filling my basement like a swimming pool. And even when Zki called from the Home Depot where he went to get another pump and some hosing, to tell us that there was a tornado warning, I kept on cleaning the kitchen. I barely glanced out the window. There was very little thunder or lightening and hardly any wind, just the rain that kept coming and I didn’t pay it much attention.

So on Sunday morning when the basement floor was already drying and  the sun was out in all it’s glory, it was almost as if the storm just hadn’t happened at all.

I had all the best of intentions of making it to Church for the first service but managed to putz around for most of the morning and then run out of time. I’m sorry I missed it. Everyone gathers on the lawn and Frank calls forward church members to hold the important books of scripture like the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita and carry them into the sanctuary. We enter the sanctuary as a community and the church year has begun.

So it wouldn’t be a complete waste of a beautiful morning, I convinced Nick to come for a walk with me and the dog.

Surprisingly, there were very few signs of last night’s rain .Just a few branches down here and there.  Lonetown Marsh was filled to the overflowing but not as much as I would have expected. The ripples on the water were made by little minnows grabbing bugs off the surface.

We passed by the West Redding Firehouse and saw the old and the new sitting in the driveway.

I don’t know what possessed me but I found myself taking pictures of some road kill we found on the way home ( I have spared you all from having to look at the dead possum and vulture I found — I felt it was kinder not to post the images.) It was pretty fascinating to see how time and decay had affected the once living things. Nick thought I was a little touched to be taking pictures of dead things and maybe I was (can anyone else see a science lesson in that?) Besides, I think he had to use the rest room and was trying to hurry us along on our walk. It did seem like we had walked so long and yet were still so far from home.

Our walk to the Country Club and back took longer than I had expected and I was pretty tired when we got home. I stretched out on the couch with a cup of tea and started listening to a podcast on my computer when I heard the sound of motorcyles. Really, there is nothing strange about that on a lovely Sunday afternoon. However, the motorcyles just kept coming, pretty much non-stop. I remembered that every year around this time, all the bikers meet up at Marcus Dairy and have a parade through town to commerate service workers who ride motorcycles. I watched them when the kids were young and we had come to the old house to pack up the last few remaining things before we demolished it.  I remember them passing by and staring at what was left of the old house, probably wondering “What the heck happened there?”

I sat on the steps that lead to the driveway and took pictures of the bikers coming up the hill. They honked, flashed their lights and waved and I waved back. It was an amazing sight made even more so by the sound of the power of all the motors coming up the hill in one long and continuous wave.

Then they were gone and it was quiet again and I went back to my podcast and finished my tea before it was time to take Clare to her first vaulting lesson.

Vaulting is an equestrian sport that involves more gymnastics than actual riding. The vaulters ride without a saddle, just a blanket and a large harness with 2 grips for their hands. Then they perform a series of moves on the back of the horse that seem completely frightening to do on a moving horse. Clare had never ridden before and I was apprehensive about this being her first riding experience but figured we would give it a try and see how she did and if she liked it. She is taking her lessons at Gray Friesian Farm in Easton, CT.

After a warm-up run and some stretching, the girls gave the horse a groom and then began their exercises on a stationary barrel.

Then one by one, they got on the horse. This is Phantom and she is a Paint.

To tell the truth, I think Clare was scared out of her wits in the beginning. I mean, this is her first real ride other than the ones at fairs. But the other girls in the class were accepting and friendly and her instructor was lovely.

Clare said she made friends and that she wants to try again. Yippee. Am I living vicariously or what?

I think the next time we go, I am going to find out about riding lessons for me. I don’t think vaulting will be my thing. Some of the moms and I were talking about how much higher up we would be if we stood up on the back of a horse (yes, they stand on the horses while they are moving) and it just didn’t seem like the right idea.

After the lesson, the girls gave Phantom a pat and some treats and put their helmets away. Clare admitted to being very nervous (can you blame her?) but I told her that she did just great. So it looks like we will go back for another try next week.

If you are interested you can read about recreational vaulting here and see youtube videos of it here.

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