photo of the (garden goodness)

This is my garden. Here is a picture of it just after it was planted back in June. I had no idea what I was getting into or what I would get out of it when I first put those little plants into the soil but my garden seems to have a life of it’s own. No, seriously. I think my zucchini plant is eating small animals in the middle of the night. It’s huge and it tried to take over an entire 5 x 5 bed, crowding out the other plants in the box.

I have named it Audrey III, after the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors and while it isn’t producing a huge amount of green squash, we do eat at least one good sized one for dinner every few days. The one above has tonight’s dinner written all over it.

The biggest crop of my garden has been cucumbers. When I bought the plants from Farmer John back in the spring, he told me to take 2 cucumber plants. “You’ll lose one.” he told me. I wish I had. In the above picture are the 13 cukes I’ve picked so far. I love cucumbers but really, what does one do with a baker’s dozen of cukes? And really huge ones at that. I give them away every chance I get. There are more on the vine ripening as I write this.

Speaking of ripening, my tomatoes are finally starting to turn red. The grape tomatoes have been great and I’ve been picking handfuls almost every day but the larger ones have been green up until the last day or so. There are plenty on the vine so September should be a tomatoful month.

I have several types of peppers in the garden. These two green ones will be picked in a few days. My jalepenos are plentiful and so are the Habeneros but they are still green.

My red peppers aren’t as happy but that is because they are too close to Audrey III and I have to move her leaves so she doesn’t block the red pepper from the sun.

Not very successful with melons. I think it fell prey to some kind of rot and I didn’t get to the leaves with the baking soda spray that Farmer John told me to use until it was too late. Also, it is planted in the shadow of Audrey III.  (Note to self: green squash need their own beds.) This is my only melon. It is a beauty and should be ready to pick very soon.

Here are some of the yummy grape tomatoes that I will use for dinner tonight. I have more jalepenos on the vine but for this meal, I only need one.

All of the squash type plants have grown out of the beds and onto the fence Nick and I put up to keep the deer out of the garden. This side is covered with Acorn squash that seem to be doing well despite Audrey III and her need for space. There are at least 8 acorn squash in various stages of ripening all along the fence.

We have also enjoyed a meal or two of brocolli and will probably have at least one more before it is all picked out. (Another note to self: next year plant less red cabbage and more brocolli!)

Consider these pictures to be garden highlights. I also have a great crop of Swiss Chard in various colors, more red cabbage than I know what to do with, basil, oregano, chives and eggplant. Also, lots of kale. I like kale. I would even venture to say I love kale. But the rest of my family isn’t as fond of it as I am and I have a lot of kale in the garden. (Note to self #3: Next year less kale more lettuce.)

I am so very pleased with my garden that I can’t wait until next spring to plant again. I’m even considering letting Clare have a bunny so I can use bunny poo to fertilize over the winter. I’ve heard Bunny poo is great for gardens. Just don’t tell Clare I said that or I will never hear the end of it.

Next year I will plant early enough to get lettuce in for the spring. And not so much cabbage or kale. More basil and some mint somewhere (in a pot to keep it from taking over.) No ornamentals except for nasturtium which has a great peppery, spicy taste to the leaves and flowers and keeps the bugs away. Not like the pineapple sage that grew so big it crowded out my chives and thyme and never flowered (but smells lovely.)

I’m liking this gardening stuff. I hope the winter goes by fast!

~ by photobella on 27 August, 2008.

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