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I’d been taking pictures at Longshore almost every day for a month. Nick’s class was at 11:30 am and so we didn’t get to the Sound until the part of the day when the light is the flatest and really, the most uninteresting. Zki and I are early risers. In our days before children and pets we’d be up and out and shooting with the sunrise, back for breakfast by 10 am and out for pictures again for the late afternoon light and the sunset. This morning we were up and out by 5:45 and in Westport as the sun began to peek through the clouds. We grabbed a coffee at the Starbucks that was blessedly open at 6 am and headed down to Longshore.

I wish I could say we had a spectacular sunrise and that the sight that greeted us when we arrived was this. However, I have to admit that the lovely colors in the sky in the above picture is due to the magical enhancement of Photoshop and that the true scene looked more like the one below.

But it was still beautiful and peaceful and quiet and there weren’t many people around except for some golfers, a jogger or two or three and some people on bicycles.

The birds were awake and I caught a passing shot of the Great Blue Heron as he flew away.

As always there were plenty of egrets around. This one was working the dock by the marina.

I’m including this small and out of focus shot because I came upon a bird I hadn’t seen before and am adding him to my list of birds I’ve seen and want to get a better shot of. According to my fave site on identifying birds,, he’s a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. There are better pictures of him here.

After we visited Longshore, we took a drive along the beach and out towards Southport. There aren’t too many places near the beach where you can park without local parking stickers so we just kept driving until it was time to head home. All in all, It was an overcast morning and although we did get glimpses of the sun, it wasn’t what I had hoped for. I guess I’ll have to keep and eye on the forecast and try again another day.

~ by photobella on 24 August, 2008.

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