photo of the day (last days of summer)

Today was our last day of heading out to Longshore to spend the afternoon hours. Nick has officially passed his Basic Sailing class and next summer is on to Intermediate. We now have a little over a week until Clare goes back to school.

Clare and I spent our day doing the usual exploring and kayaking on the Sound. I didn’t take any pictures yesterday because I brought both dogs to enjoy a day by the shore. Lili, our Springer, loves the water. She doesn’t swim but she wades in and dunks her head under. Luath, our Rat Terrier, doesn’t love the water at all but he will follow Lili in just to see what all the fuss is about.

Clare took Luath off for a little walk to explore the beach and discovered these Fiddler crabs. We went back today to see if we could get a picture of them. They scuttle off the path so quickly but I was lucky enough to grab this shot before this group hurried away.

The tide was low this afternoon and so Clare and I decided to head out on a kayak and explore the little island just south of the sailing school in the cove. You can barely see it at high tide and there isn’t enough land to dock the boat but at low tide it’s fun to expore.

It’s really not much more than a sandbar but you can walk around and wade out into the water and watch the minnows jumping out of the water and search for shells. If you want to get an idea of where exactly it is, check out the Google map here. Look at the map in Satellite view and zoom in til you are at least at the 4th line below the plus sign. You may have to scroll around a bit but if you can see the pools at Longshore Park, look south of that in the water and you will see the sandbar.

Here’s Clare wading out to the farthest edge of the island. (Remember that the only way here is by boat — she’s literally surrounded by water.)

We kayaked around for a little bit longer before heading in to get Nick from his class. Then we all decided that we weren’t ready to head for home so we drove over to see what fun we could have at Compo Beach.

Unfortunately, after we paid the $20 parking fee (knowing that we were only going to spend a couple of hours there at the most) we discovered that the water was filled with jellies. I really would have been a lot more willing to go into the water if I didn’t have to watch for jelly critters at every turn. It kind of put a damper on my fun.

So mostly we hung around on the beach and braved the water every now and then until another bunch of jellies would turn up and then we’d retreat to the sand.

Here’s Nick venturing into the water. He didn’t mind the jellies as much as I did because there were a couple of days when he went sailing and had to brave the jellies out at Longshore. I guess I am just a big fat wimp. I don’t like jellie stings. Not at all.

After we spend a couple of hours at Compo, we all decided we’d rather spend our time over at Longshore. There’s way more to do and see, especially if you take out a kayak. And there are way less people.

~ by photobella on 22 August, 2008.

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