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I think I’ve learned my lesson. I can’t be someplace as beautiful and full of nature as Longshore and not have my camera. Even if it means I stop every 5 feet or so when I’m taking my walk. Because that perfect shot is bound to present itself and I won’t be able to capture it. I was lucky yesterday but not as lucky today.

I headed out unencumbered by my camera for my walk around the golf course and missed the opportunity for not just one but 2 great shots. The first was when I almost fell over a fawn in a thicket by the side of the road and the second was when I found a Great Blue Heron looking for a meal in the cove.

It was the first Great Blue Heron I have seen that close up and of course the light was perfect and the shadow he cast on the water as he waded through with his long graceful legs was divine. And I had no camera. I did make it back to the car in time to catch these 2 does and a fawn. But by then the light was flat and while I like the shots, the ones I would have taken had I just had my camera with me on my walk would have been better. Because light changes from minute to minute and if you aren’t there to capture the light at the moment it presents itself, you have missed it.

I was tempted to say “it’s all about the light” but that wouldn’t be completely true. But great photography is mostly about the light. You can have an amazing subject and wonderful composition but if the light’s wrong, the shot’s just not right. So I learned my lesson. Camera comes with me. I’ll still walk but now I have less of a chance of missing the next great one.

This is the sky over the harbor as we were getting ready to head home. I looked it up and the clouds are called Cumulonimbus. If you follow the link and scroll down, you can click on the name and see a picture of them on the Plymouth State Meterology site. Cumulonimbus clouds are the kind that bring thunderstorms. This summer has been filled with thunderstorms.

Nick has made it through his Start Boating Right course and starts Basic Sailing on Monday. He came away with a certificate and a tee shirt (I can’t remember what for but it had something to do with hauling and putting away the most boats) and he was pleased with himself. However, he was disappointed because they kayaked over to Compo Beach and got caught in the rain the minute they got there. They couldn’t do anything but hang out in the Pavillion until it was time to kayak back to Longshore. I know he enjoyed this class and I’m hoping he likes Basic Sailing even more. He’s already planning what kind of boat he wants to get. I told him he needs to at least get to Intermediate Sailing and we can talk.

~ by photobella on 8 August, 2008.

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