photo of the day

It rained for most of the night and well into the morning so I wasn’t expecting much as far as light was concerned. I dropped Nick off at his class and took a walk around the golf course before I found a picnic bench in a quiet spot under a tree. I took advantage of the Town of Westport’s WiFi network, checked up on some email and had my lunch. Then I set out in search of the local wildlife.

I love this shot of the Great White Egret. He had just landed in the grass in front of me and was in search of something to eat when he puffed out his feathers and gave a little shake. It’s so cool when you can catch the moment with a camera.

Here’s another Great Egret that I caught in flight.

I caught a glimpse of these geese all in a row as Nick and I were headed to his class. That’s what I called getting your ducks all in a row. Only these are geese.

I showed this picture to Clare and she tells me this is a female mallard duck. I haven’t looked it up but I believe her because she is learning a lot about nature at camp this year.

Nick is still kayaking and he and his buddy were capsizing the boat and then playing “King of the Hill.” Nick is the oldest and tallest in his class and so it was no wonder that he was “King” most of the time. I spotted him on the boat from way off on shore and I took this shot with his 300mm lens fully extended. I knew it was him even before I looked through the lens. Who else would it be?

Here’s Nick and the rest of his band of “lost boys” playing on a sandbar in the Sound.

I spotted this bird on the dock as I was headed over to the parking lot to get something out of the car. I hadn’t seen one like it before and I was so excited to see something new. So I took a few pictures and looked him up when I got home.

He is a Little Blue Heron. I’ve seen Great Blue Herons before up in Redding and at the Sound but never a Little Blue before. Isn’t he cute? Not a bad day’s shoot if I don’t say so myself!

~ by photobella on 6 August, 2008.

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