photo of the day

I know, I know. The picture is out of focus. I was trying to take it while walking in the middle of the road with Luath and he was pulling. But I had to post it because I was so excited when I got home to look at my pictures on the computer to discover that third little head peering out over the nest. So now I go back without the dog and with Nick’s longer lens and my monopod in tow to see if I can get anything that is closer to being in focus.

I don’t know what was up with me but almost everything I took was out of focus. I’m going to have to check because it may be distortion from my lens due to the fact that the thread that holds the filters on is coming loose. I discovered that in California but shot with it anyway. It is my favorite lens and I would hate to have to shoot without it. Oh well. I’m sure it can be fixed.

Anyway — here’s another picture for good measure that I want to try and re-take because of focus and contract issues. I saw these little birds hopping back and forth by the water and tried to get a decent shot before Luath scared them away. This was the best I could do at the moment.

I’m pretty sure they are Piping Plovers and you can read about them here. And if I’ve misidentified the little buggers and you know what they really are, leave a comment and let me know. But they look like Piping Plovers to me.

~ by photobella on 30 July, 2008.

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