photo of the day (catching up again)

I’m playing catch-up again with my blog and I won’t bore you with the gory details. This is Molly, Mascha and Bing after Nick and I met Stef and the girls at the movies. Poor Nick. He was stuck in the midst of an estrogen fest with all of us girls and worse than that — we saw Mamma Mia and he just wasn’t prepared for it. When the movie was over and he expressed his displeasure, Stef suggested that we stay for another movie. A double feature! When was the last time you indulged in back to back flicks at the theater complete with popcorn and soda? So we got on line for Journey to the Center of the Earth and resigned ourselves to the fact that none of the kids had eaten anything but junk food for lunch. Oh well. You only live once!

There was way too much kissing in Mamma Mia for the kids but the second movie had enough special effects and scary parts to make up for that.

Since Nick and I had spent the day at the movies, we didn’t make it to the store to get his life vest for his sailing class. So the next day we headed down to West Marine in South Norwalk to get him some things that he needed for his class. After that we had time to kill so we went over to the Aquarium to see if there was anything new and exciting to see. There wasn’t. It was very crowded and we had seen most of the exhibits already but we stopped and watched the seals for awhile before getting something to eat.

After lunch we drove over to Longshore in Westport to see where we had to go for Nick’s sailing class and to figure out how long it would take us to get there. We parked and walked to the sailing school and watched the classes and got the lay of the land.

The weekend was quiet and uneventful. We needed to pick up a pair of water shoes for Nick at West Marine so we drove down to SoNo and stopped at the SoNo Seaport Restaurant for some lunch before headed over to Stef’s condo to hang out and go for a swim.

Sunday was one of those low motivation days. Clare spent most of the day glued to my computer and Nick and I watched a Eureka marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. Nick was so excited on Sunday night that he could barely get to sleep. Then he was up bright and way too early on Monday morning in anticipation of his class.

Nick is the oldest in his beginning boating class and while I wasn’t surprised, I was a little disappointed that there weren’t kids closer to his age. But we are both aware of the fact that this class is the prerequisite for the Basic Sailing class and so he has to take the whole 2 weeks before he can move on. He didn’t get to sail on the first day and that was also disappointing but the instructor promised they would all be on the water the next day. And for sure, they were.

The kids are tooling about in the water in little sailboats called Bugs. They are very small boats with little sails but the kids get to steer and learn how to balance in the boat so they don’t capsize.

Here’s a shot or two of Nick on his first day at the helm.

I’ve been having a very good time while Nick is sailing. Longshore is a public park open to Westport residents and others (but you can’t use some of the facilities like the pool.) There is a golf course, pool and tennis courts and a marina in addition to the sailing school. There is also an Inn and a restaurant on the property. Not only that but the town of Westport offers a WiFi network that I can pick up with my laptop while I sit at a picnic bench by the water.

The road makes a loop around the park and the golf course and is a great place to walk (if the signs about being hit by flying golf balls don’t spook you too much.) It passes by the water and is a wonderful place to see shore birds and other wildlife. There is even an Osprey nest on a platform overlooking the golf course and the water.

I watched them for awhile and got these shots:

This mother deer and her two fawns were coming down to the water to get a drink.

And there were egrets in the water, fishing and flying.

My final catch-up picture is of a hibiscus flower growing in my garden. I always think I’ve managed to kill it but so far it’s come back every year. This year it’s bigger and has more blooms than ever. Can you tell how much I love the summer?

~ by photobella on 29 July, 2008.

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