photo of the day (back to ordinary time)

It was an ordinary day but as I’m finding as I explore my world with a camera pressed firmly to my eye, one filled with extraordinary things.

This Eastern Black Swallowtail landed on and dived deep inside this lily searching for nectar.

Here is one of the four green frogs who must have moved into our pond while we were in California. I hope he knows he won’t be spending the winter with us.

I’m not a very good gardener but a couple of years ago I planted an assortment of lilies around the yard. Deer in these parts do not seem to like to eat lilies and so lilies do very well up here. My mom lives a couple hours south of us in New Jersey and says the deer there love to feast on her lilies. Who knew deer had regional tastes? Think the deer in the south like a little cajun seasoning to go with their flower feasts?

Anyway, I have lilies of all different colors and sizes that are doing splendidly this summer.

I am faschinated by the many insects I’m discovering in the garden. They are so much fun to capture with my macro lens that I try hard not to think of what they might be eating while they are visiting. I do recognize Japanese Beetles when I see them and don’t find them very photogenic. So into a plastic bag they go. Away with you, damned beetles, stay away from my roses!

~ by photobella on 22 July, 2008.

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