photo of the day (san francisco day 7)

Today we are heading south to Monterey for the last 2 days of our California trip. I am up and as I had planned, sitting on the porch with my coffee enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning and the company of chickens and the farm cats. This is my view of the farmhouse from where I am sitting.

There are two farm cats: one grey and one black. Now, just so you know, not only is there a sign that warns you against petting the black kitty because he bites but it is written in the info sheet that sits on the table as you first walk in. I walked out of the gate to the cottage to say hi to the chickens and the cats joined me in the yard. Then when I sat down to write, the black kitty perched himself on the railing and watched me type and before I knew it, he was sitting in my lap, purring and kneading, the ways kitties do when they are content. I was strong and no matter how tempting it was, I did not pet the kitty. Ok, well maybe a little pat or two and I still have all my fingers.

Now Clare is awake and finding her shoes before she goes out to say good morning to the chickens. There are a few hens at the gate to the cottage trying to convince me to come out and give them more feed but I will leave that to Clare. I am looking forward to heading out to Monterey but I don’t want to leave the cottage.

Nick wants to know why we have to go home so soon!

It was a long ride from Point Reyes to Monterey. The roads up near Point Reyes twist and turn through the mountains and are enough to make you hurl even if you aren’t (as Clare was) reading in the back seat. The next thing I knew she was spewing out all the blackberries she had picked at the cottage and eaten for breakfast. Poor think was covered in blackberry puke down to her undies and I have a feeling it is a stain that will never come out. We pulled in to the nearest place we could find which was  a little inn and they kindly gave us paper towels and let us clean her up in their bathroom. What a mess! This rental car will never be the same again. The rest of the trip was much more uneventful especially when we made it out of the mountains.

We finally reached Monterey and got to the hotel room. It is nothing special and not as close to the main attractions as I had hoped but it is clean and the beds looked comfortable. We hadn’t had any breakfast (unless you count the blackberries) and so we looked for a quick bite before we hit the Aquarium. We found a nice little place off the main street and had a decent lunch (man, I’m going to roll back to CT) and then walked to the Aquarium. The kids loved it and it was just as much fun as I remembered it, only much, much more expensive.

The Aquarium took up most of the rest of the day. There was so much to see and do there. There were otters to see up close and personal.

And lots of shore birds running and swimming around free in a lovely atrium setting.

The Aquarium is located right on Monterey Bay and the view from outside is gorgeous.

There were lots of places where you could step outside and enjoy the scenery and see who you could see playing in the bay, humans and animals alike.

As I think about it, there were no seals or sea lions in the aquarium itself. But there were some outside on the rocks in the bay.

We managed to stay until the aquarium closed and then head back to the hotel to clean up and find dinner. No one was very hungry after our late lunch so we grabbed a bite at a chinese place across the street from the hotel and went back to clean up and get to bed early.

Tomorrow is our last full day in California and we head to the airport early in Sunday and then home to our dogs who will hopefully remember who we are.

~ by photobella on 11 July, 2008.

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