photo of the day (san francisco day 5)

From our hotel room balcony we can see the fog surrounding Alcatraz and the huge container ships that make their way through the harbor. Everyone got up early this morning (and I mean early.)  We were up and out of the hotel room  and eating breakfast before 8 am. Breakfast was a quick cup of coffee and a croissant at Boudin’s (for me at least, Clare feasted on Baby Tortuga made from sourdough)

and then we headed out and over the Golden Gate bridge towards the Marin Headlands.

We drove through the mountains and took some pictures of the view of the bridge and the skyline and finally we came upon a wonderful beach area full of surfers and kids and people painting the view. There were even surfers bobbing up and down with the tide, waiting to catch a wave.

Nick and I made our way up the trail and took some pictures looking down on the beach. Clare romped in the surf while Zki kept and eye on her and took pictures from the beach.

We headed back through the Headlands towards San Francisco and stopped for awhile at the Presidio to take some more pictures and walk along the beach.

The views of the bridge were lovely and the day was perfect. It was glorious to be so close to the Bay and out in the sunshine and fresh air. Zki needed to head back to the hotel to take care of some business stuff and the kids and I headed back over to Pier 39 for a bit where we saw some sea lions (a few but not many) and a nesting seagull and her babies.

Then we walked over to the cable cars and headed up the hill towards Union Square and Chinatown. The cable car ride was so much fun. The hills took your breath away and when 2 cable cars passed each other, the people standing on the outside had to really suck it in to avoid a collision with someone riding on the outside of the other car.

We got off at Union Square where we had a cold drink and browsed through a small art show in the park. Then we headed over to Chinatown to see the sights and maybe find some dinner. We walked and walked and stopped in every other store until finally we were through Chinatown and into North Beach. We were planning on heading towards the cable car and back to the hotel for some dinner by the wharf but instead ended up meandering through North Beach until we came upon the City Lights Bookstore which was founded in part by beat poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

So we browsed a bit and walked around looking for a place to eat until we came upon a Thai Restaurant by a park. Both of my kids were adventurous enough to try a little bit of everything and while Clare picked and didn’t each much until dessert came, Nick thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

Then we made our way back to the hotel where we all collapsed after such a very full day of exploring San Francisco.

~ by photobella on 9 July, 2008.

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