photo of the day (san francisco day 1)

July 4th passed in a blur of packing and preparation to leave for San Francisco. It always takes me longer than I think it will to get ready to go. I like to have everything in it’s place when I leave because I don’t like to return to the chaos I’ve left if everything isn’t just so. Not that it is perfect, just orderly.

At 6 am we we all up, dressed and in the car and heading for the airport. The kids had no idea what was in store for them. They have never flown and never experienced the joy of airport travel. Zki (he more than I) and I were well aware of what could be in store for us as we headed out but luckily everything went smoothly. After making it  through security, we had enough time to have some breakfast and after a short wait, we were on the plane and in the air.

The kids were perfectly at home on the plane especially after they discovered the Direct TV. Nick had downloaded a movie onto his Ipod and was happily watching Die Hard and Clare was tuned into Cartoon Network. Yes, they did ooh and ah over the scenery out the window but really, you can’t expect a kid to sit and look out the window for a 6 hour flight. There has to be something to do to temper out all the excitement.

The first part of our trip itinerary took us to visit with Zki’s brother Jon, who lives with his wife Louise, in Berkeley. So we were staying for the first 3 days in a hotel in Emeryville, a town situated midway between Oakland and Berkeley. We got a room with a view of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco. It was still early in the day so we got ourselves settled and then headed into Oakland to see some of the sights. We ended up at Jack London Square to see the replica of Jack London’s cabin and also to get an early dinner before we all crashed from the long day of travelling.

Nick and I had been to the library before we left and the book Nick had chosen to bring along on this trip was Call of the Wild. So he was impressed to learn a bit of the history of Jack London in the Bay area.

We found a lovely restaurant on the water called Kincaids where we could sit and watch people sailing and kayaking back and forth in the Bay. After dinner and a complementary Creme Brulee that was to die for, we took a short walk and headed back to the hotel to crash for the night.

~ by photobella on 5 July, 2008.

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  1. MMMMMMMmmmmm . . . I loved San Francisco. I look forward to more photos from your trip!

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