photo of the day (family fun)

This is my son. I cannot tell you what he was thinking when he and some of his cousin Robbie’s friends decided to see who could stay out in the pouring rain the longest. There probably was very little thinking involved. Here he is “celebrating” his victory (actually, it was a tie with someone equally as dumb) and probably wondering, “What now?”

We were all gathered to celebrate my cousin’s son’s graduation from high school. I see him as a young man and remember taking pictures of him as a newborn.

Here’s Clare in the barn/gym happily jumping rope.

The highlight of the party was the chance (after a rain shower or two) to go for a swim and play a game of basketball in the pool.

Here are a few shots of the game that I liked.

You might notice Clare cowering behind her (very large) cousin in this picture. Right after I took this shot, he ended up on top of her with her (thankfully)( very briefly underwater. This is the stuff of nightmares — mine and hers. I co1uld just imagine her waking up from a horrible dream screaming “Mommy, he was so BIG!”

She was fine but chose to sit out the rest of the game by the edge of the pool.

~ by photobella on 29 June, 2008.

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