photo of the day

It was a day full of errands and cleaning ladies and after straightening up a bit, we headed out for some lunch and a trip to Jerry’s Artarama in Norwalk so I could pick up some better paper to print photos out for the Gallery.

We had a quick Quiznos lunch and a brief stop (at Clare’s request) in the pet store nearby to see the puppies. This pretty kitty greeted us at the door. Just look at those incredibly blue eyes! I couldn’t stay and look at the cute but sad puppies for too long so I took this shot and headed for the door.

The art supply store was like a little piece of heaven with it’s aisles filled with goodies as far as the eye could see. Paints, papers, pencils, markers and specialty papers galore. I love art supply stores and apparently, so do my kids. I found a set of acrylic paints complete with brushes in a lovely wooden case that turns into an easel for only $18. Clare and I are going to set it up and give it a go sometime tomorrow. Nick, on the other hand, was drooling over an airbrush set (complete with compressor) for about $400. Dream on honey, maybe you can get one when you go to art school!

After the art store, we headed up to the lake for a quick swim. It is summer, after all. The weather report had promised thundershowers but as you can see from the blue sky and puffy white clouds reflected in the lake, that was not the case at all. It was a bit on the cool and breezy side but the kids braved the water anyway and both headed out to the docks for a bit of diving fun.

We took out a paddleboat for a spin and these lovestruck dragonflies hitched a ride on Nick’s lifejacket until we got back to shore. I got my camera and took a shot of them still attached to each other and the paddleboat.

Nick and I were ready to go but Clare wanted to make a sand sculpture first so while she and I worked on trying to make a harbor seal heading into the water, Nick buried himself in sand up to his knees.

Here’s the “seal” which doesn’t really look like a seal at all. Usually our results are much more impressive but I wasn’t really feeling the sand vibe and wanted to be heading home but Clare was being a stubborn little pill so I let her have her fun and then we left for home.

What kind of sand creature do you think this could be?

~ by photobella on 24 June, 2008.

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