photo of the day (sprite island heaven)

Our fun-filled day started when my friend Stephanie called and invited the kids and I to join her at the beach on Sprite Island. We threw our stuff into bags, grabbed our cameras and headed out to Stef’s condo where we were introduced to this small family of ducks who have made their home in a little puddle just across from where Stef’s family lives.

As the boat from the mainland approached the island we could see people out on a sandbar fishing.

After a brief tour of the island the kids insisted that we head for the beach.

When we first arrived at the beach area I noticed a seagull flying rather low over the rocks where Stef and I were sitting and the kids were exploring. I had a feeling that something was up and it was either a ploy for food or there was a nest nearby. Well, not long after that I noticed a small, grey fuzzy little creature popping it’s head out of the underbrush. It turns out there were 2 of the little creatures and the Momma gull was trying her hardest to keep them unnoticed.

Here’s Nick and Molly deep in conversation. They’ve known each other since Kindergarten and seem to have developed a special friendship.

The day was more than perfect; it was exquisite. It is heavenly to be able to spend time by the water.

Here’s Clare with Bing in the distance. Clare and Bing are as alike in nature as Molly and Nick seem to be. Which is pretty convenient and makes for a pleasant time for all. The two younger kids didn’t have a problem getting into the water despite the fact that it is still pretty chilly.

Here are some more of the lovely sailboats we watched floating on the sound.

After a perfect day by the Sound, we headed home to get ready for Clare’s friend Annika’s birthday party. Annika wanted a “rock party” and all the guests came dressed in style, prepared to perform on a real stage that Annika and her mom and dad created out on the back deck.

This is Clare performing “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae. If I must say so myself, Clare’s performance was the best of all.

Here’s Nick overseeing the candle blowing ritual before every could pig out on cake.

The party ended with all the kids going for a dip in the hot tub. For Nick, that was the highlight of the evening.

I’ve got more pictures of our day on my Flickr site and if you are interested, click the Flickr button on the sidebar.

~ by photobella on 21 June, 2008.

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