photo of the day (it’s carny time!)

I have a confession to make. I didn’t take a single picture yesterday. It’s been a long time since that has happened. Most days I take at least one picture and try and post it (even if it’s not a very good picture.) But yesterday, nothing. Oh well, I guess it’s bound to happen. Anyway, the big event of the day was Stef coming to pick up Molly. She didn’t stay long but she came with food and flowers and we hung out and ate and chatted and then she left. That was pretty much the high point and then the day was over.

This morning was better. I went out early and grabbed my camera and took a few shots in the garden. These are two I especially liked.

Then around lunch time, Clare and I headed over to Putnam Park to meet some families from the new combined 3rd/4th grade class for next year.

Here she is with a couple of her best girlfriends.

The water is always a big magnet for the kids where ever we go. Here are the boys checking for a snake they discovered in the pond.

We had a lovely time at the picnic, chatting with old friends and making some new ones. I think next year’s class could be a good one.

Well, the carnival is in town at the Danbury Fair Mall as it is every year at this time until the July 4th weekend. Nick and I have been jonesing for the chance to take pictures of the lights and the sights and so last night we stopped for some dinner and then headed over to the fair.

I don’t know how we managed it but I don’t think we overspent (well, not too much, anyway) and the kids still played a few games and went on a couple of the rides. Just so you know, my kids are not the adventurous, ride-til-you-puke kind of kids. So it was more the bumper cars and bungee jump for them. Nick and I briefly talked about the Ferris Wheel and I was even willing to get on with him but he changed his mind at the last minute.

Clare went on the Carousel and I should have gone on with her but I was so focused on taking pictures that I didn’t. Maybe next time.

We didn’t come home with any feeder fish that would ultimately get their “burial at sea” after a day or two. Nick tried a shooting game but after 2 tries and $6, walked away empty handed. Clare won a small stuffie at her fave game where you choose a rubber duckie and hope for the right symbol on the bottom.

We had fun, met some people we knew and took lots of pictures. The kids ate $4 worth of Cotton Candy (believe me, that wasn’t a lot!) but we stayed away from the hot dogs and funnel cakes. Now we are looking forward to that last night of the fair and the 4th of July fireworks (so we can take more pictures!)

~ by photobella on 19 June, 2008.

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