photo of the day

Nick and I have figured out that the frog who is living by the pond must be a Gray Tree Frog. If you follow the link, check out the call of the Gray Tree Frog ( a very little creature with a very big voice) and you will hear what I have been hearing most of the night since they have moved in to the pond.

It’s almost as bad as the Spring Peeper (I called him Psycho Peeper) who insisted on calling and calling for a mate well into the wee hours of the morning, despite the fact that it was pretty darn chilly out and there were no other Peepers in the neighborhood awake or answering him back. I think he gave up and found a better place to live (thank goodness!)

In case you are wondering, there are no froggies in the above picture, but there are eggs. This is the first year since Nick and I installed the pond that we have seen eggs. I am so excited and hopeful that we will be able to watch the progression from tadpole to frog. I’m also happy that these are tree frogs and will hopefully leave the pond at some point so I don’t have to worry about them trying to winter in the pond and freezing to death like the 3 we pulled out while cleaning it up for the spring season.

I thought we’d be busier around here this week. My friend Stef dropped off her daughter Molly for a few days. Molly and Nick have known each other since kindergarten and they have always gotten along well. I had high hopes of at least taking the kids to the lake for a day and maybe going to a museum or something fun and adventurous like that. But really, all the kids wanted to do was hang out with each other.

They played on the Wii and on Nick’s GameCube and they played outside and watched Japanese anime on the internet. They didn’t need me to entertain them at all — just offer occasional drinks and snacks.

I’m not sure what they were going for when they re-arranged the swings like that but they got a kick out of it — the picture was their idea. I guess they wanted to document their cleverness.

~ by photobella on 17 June, 2008.

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