photo of the day

There is much more in bloom in my garden than there was just a few weeks ago. The foxgloves have sent up their yellow spires and the bees seem happy to have found them.

My peony bush has more blooms than ever. This is it’s 3rd season and while I don’t think it gets quite enough sun where I have it planted, it had about half a dozen good size blooms.

Here is one of the many yellow roses that grow on the very neglected rose bush in the back yard. I am amazed that it came back as it was completely cut back during the construction of our house.

We are finally in the planting stages of our vegetable garden! Nick and I built the 4 raised beds, filled them with dirt. We had to carry the dirt from the driveway over to the beds a wheelbarrow at a time and that took days! Then finally, I got hay mulch from the local Agway and we were ready to plant. So off to Holbrook Farm we went to buy our plants.

Now all we have to do is lay out our planting grid and get those babies in the earth. Then we will have brocolli, chard, cabbage, cukes, eggplant, tomatoes, tons of herbs, peppers and squash. It’s our first attempt at a veggie garden and so I don’t expect much but it’s a start.

And planting is not the end of it, either. We still have to lay down weed barrier and cedar mulch in the pathways around the beds and then get our deer fencing up before the critters find out we have dinner in the yard!

~ by photobella on 11 June, 2008.

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