photo of the day

Another incredibly hot day here in CT and so the only solution was to head for the lake. It’s not officially open during the week but if you don’t mind parking at the park entrance and walking a bit, you can still use the swimming area although there are no lifeguards on duty.

So while heading up the trail to the pond carrying chairs, snacks, towels and the like was no “day at the beach,” the rest of the time was just fine.

We always meet someone we know at the lake and today was no different. My friend Suzanne and her kids were having a swim when we got there. Nick and Emma were in the first and second grade together and are also in the same RE class at church.

This is a picture of Clare, Nick, Emma and Suzanne having a dip. For my kids, it was the first official swim of the summer.

Here’s a sunfish guarding his nest along the pond shore.

The water lilies are in bloom and their pink blossoms fill the lake outside the swimming area.

We had to leave the lake earlier than we normally would have because Clare had her last violin class and also her last theater class before the summer schedule kicks in.

Here is her theater class giving a short performance of what they did this year. Clare had so much fun and is looking forward to starting up again in the fall.

This is Clare and her friend, Danielle posing for the camera.

This is Clare in her “I’m part kitty” pose.

~ by photobella on 10 June, 2008.

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