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Today was RE day at the church that the kids and I attend, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Westport. Nick has been part of the 7th grade class called “Neighboring Faiths.” The group has discussed and studied many of the world’s religions. They have gone on field trips to visit churches, temples, synagogues, and even a sweat lodge to get a feel for what people believe and embrace in their quest for spiritual fulfillment and their search for God.

Each member of the class shared their most memorable experience of the year. Nick’s was his visit to the Quaker Church where the members sat in silence until someone felt moved enough to speak and share their insight with the rest of the group. For Nick, this meant that there wasn’t just one person (a priest or minister) who was able to speak the word of God but that God was in everyone and each person had the ability to express their piece.

Just so you know, Nick rarely goes willingly to church or on the field trips. But he goes and I’m hoping that someday he will recognize the richness of the experience he is having. I think some of it is sinking in because he used to bristle at the thought of being a Unitarian, but recently he told me that he likes being a Unitarian because he has the freedom to choose his own beliefs without having to believe things simply because someone has told him that is the way it is.

After church we headed out to a housewarming party at the house of Clare’s teacher, Mrs. D and her husband, Mr. H. This is a shot of the yard from the back porch of the house. It is a beautiful house surrounded by woods and a stream that runs past the back.

This is Clare and her friend Lena having dessert together in the hammock by the stream.

Here is Clare on the Juliet balcony outside Mrs. D’s bedroom. Unfortunately, one of the “Romeos” in her class then decided it would be fun to lock her outside until her Daddy came up to rescue her and let her back in. I don’t think this particular “Romeo” will be locking little girls on balconies again anytime soon.

The party was so much fun — much good food and good company.

On the way home from the party we passed through Ridgefield and by this “Field of Flags” that were placed to honor the fallen soldiers in Iraq. There are more than 4000 flags planted in front of the Congregational Church. It is a very impressive site. Hopefully, we can end this mad war of King George and his cronies soon. Unless, of course, we end up with the 100 year occupation of John McSame.

I refuse to be placing a flag down in that spot to remember my son.

~ by photobella on 8 June, 2008.

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