photo of the day (first day of summer vacation)

Clare had her violin recital today at the Enchanted Garden where she takes lessons. She did very well and I can hear her making progress in her playing.

We didn’t stay for the entire recital because we had promised our friends Kim and Vera that we would come and join them for lunch. Clare and Vera have known each other since kindergarten.

It was a very hot day so Vera and Clare spent some time inside, watching a movie. After a while, Kim asked if we would like to stop by a neighbor’s house who was having an art show and sale at a small gallery nearby. The gallery was right on a lake and after having some lemonade and cookies, Clare and Vera gravitated towards the water.

Soon the heat of the day made the pull of the lake stronger. They started out wading, then asked if it was ok to get their clothes a little wet. The next natural step was to take a swim.

Afterwards, we loaded them into Kim’s car, wet but happy. They finished watching their movie and played a little more and then Clare and I headed home.

Like Clare told me the other day, “Life is good. Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down. But for the most part is good.” She told me I could quote her on that.

~ by photobella on 7 June, 2008.

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