photo of the day (a sono adventure)

Clare’s class had a field trip to her classmate, James’ house in South Norwalk and Nick and I went along for the ride. I don’t know about anyone else but I will take any excuse I can get to go and hang out by the water and look for shells and horseshoe crabs on the beach. I think it must have been a childhood spent between the ocean and the bay that makes me love the smell of salt water so. There is something romantic and even slightly invigorating about the brackish smell that comes at low tide.

Here are some of the girls heading towards the beach.

The kids spent a lot of the time on the beach looking for treasure.

They also spent some time sharing pictures they had taken while on their farm trip.

It was an overcast day but it didn’t rain and some of the kids even braved the very cold waters of the Sound to go swimming. Carly was the first, then Paige and Elliott joined her until most of the class was in the water except for a few of the girls who didn’t want to get wet. Even Nick joined in and lasted almost the full 5 minutes I predicted he would until he came out and said he was freezing.

I love this shot of James’ mother walking out to the dock.

Nick and I took a walk around Harborview which is a very small little enclave of houses surrounded by marsh and the Sound. This is a picture of an egret Nick and I discovered by the Marsh.

Here is Nick and baby Elizabeth spending some quiet time together during lunch.

By the end of our day the sun peeked out. The class gathered in Jame’s yard to say goodbye to some of the children who will not be returning for fourth grade.

This cute little guy watched us all get in our cars and head for home. As always, it was a lovely day at the shore.

~ by photobella on 5 June, 2008.

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