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It is Spring and at Holbrook Farm, Spring means kittens. Nick and I had stopped by and got a chance to see them while Clare was on her farm trip. So today, being as we were out of veggies to grill for dinner, Clare and I stopped by the farm so she could see them for herself

This is the Momma cat, descended from a long line of calico barn cats at the farm. They are all pretty cats and most of them are very sweet. John and Lynn never seem to have trouble finding homes for the kittens. There is always a long line of people who would like to have one of their cats, my daughter included.

I would so love to oblige her and let her bring a kitten home. But there are several reasons why I don’t think a kitten would be a good idea: one is that I detest living with litter boxes. They smell no matter how fastidious you are at cleaning them up. Two is that we live very close to the road and I would be concerned if we went the route of letting the cat go outside we would end up with a flat cat. Three is that the cat, if we let it out to avoid the litter box, would be eaten by the coyotes or bobcat that supposedly live in the area. And four, that if we let it outside, it would make short work of the cute little chipmunks and birds that we invite into the yard.

Oh, and did I mention that both Nick and I are allergic to cats? Yet, there is still part of me that is trying to find a way to let my daughter have the pet she wants and that I know deep, down in my heart will become my responsibility in the long run. Maybe I’m trying to compensate for the fact that my mother had the right idea when she wouldn’t let me keep that kitten I came home with from the pet store at the mall?

Or maybe deep inside me, there is a little girl who still wants more pets.

~ by photobella on 2 June, 2008.

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