photo of the day (field trip!)

Today Nick and I went on a field trip to the Connecticut Audobon Center in Fairfield. I used to go there a lot when Zki and I first moved to Connecticut and we lived in our little cottage in Easton. I hadn’t been there in years but remembered that not only were there easily accessible hiking trails but a compound of rescued birds of prey and thought that Nick might get a kick out of seeing the place.

It was a glorious day for a hike in the woods and Nick needed no excuse to bring along his new 70 to 300mm zoom lens. He seems to be enjoying it very much. I’ll have to get him to share a few of his pictures here on my blog. However, for right now, my shots with my 18 to 200mm will have to do.

The ponds and woods were filled with life. I was a little disappointed that there were a couple of large and noisy school groups hiking along with us. I wondered if we would have seen more if it had been a little quieter.

There were a lot of birds missing from the wild bird rescue area because many of them were out at different programs. We did see a couple of hawks, 2 owls, a peregrine falcon and a turkey vulture.

Nick really wanted to see all of the birds so we left and went out to lunch at a place called the Olde Bluebird Inn. I hadn’t been there in years and it was a fun little place to have lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the Audobon Center but the birds weren’t back so we took a few more pictures at the pond and left for home.

~ by photobella on 29 May, 2008.

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