photo of the day (memorial day weekend, come and gone)

It was a quiet weekend here in Connecticut. I didn’t make it to the parades or even the 100th Anniversary celebration at The Mark Twain Library where reportedly Mark Twain made his second coming.

Really, for the most part, we stayed at home and I dug happily in my garden, played on the Wii Fit with Zki and the kids and watched the birds. I did manage to drag my tripod out to the yard (and believe me when I say drag; that thing is big and heavy) and capture a few good images of the bluebirds living in the bluebird house in the backyard. I even got a picture of the hummingbird on it’s feeder just to see if I could do it. I can but the one shot I got is of it’s little tail and butt and not the greatest of shots so I’ll have to set it up and try for a better angle.

On Sunday, we headed over to our friend Diane’s house for her surprise birthday party and afterwards, we went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Is it me or does Harrison Ford get better with age? OK, it’s me. The movie was fun and exciting with lots of the comic book adventure that I expect from Indiana Jones. Afterwards, we stopped in a completely mediocre and (hopefully) forgettable Italian restaurant for dinner.

So, in light of the fact that I am playing catch-up with this post, here are the 2 days worth of pictures from this weekend.

This is one of the yummy cakes we had at Diane’s birthday celebration. I like this picture because it reminds me of some of the mouth-watering shots of sweets and desserts artfully displayed on one of my fave sites, Yarnstorm, a blog about knitting, baking, flowers and books. Click on the link in my sidebar and see for yourself. Ok, I’ll make it easier and include a link in this post so you won’t have to scroll or move your mouse too far.

Clare’s Shirley Temple.

The sign over the very mediocre Italian restaurant where we had dinner.

A close-up of my fuschia plant.

Mrs. Bluebird getting ready to feed the babies.

Zki calls all flowers “geraniums” and “non-geraniums.” I used to think he was being funny but now I’m pretty sure he either doesn’t know or just doesn’t care. This is a geranium.

Here’s Mr. Bluebird, also on feeding duty.

~ by photobella on 26 May, 2008.

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