photo of the day (turkey day)

Obviously, it’s not Thanksgiving yet. But it is spring and the turkeys are out in numbers (Gaggles? Flocks? Just what do you call a group of wild turkeys?) This gang showed up in my yard this morning, checking out the bird feeder as they sometimes do. This is the first time I have spotted them this spring. They look and move through the yard like the Mystics from the Jim Henson movie, the Dark Crystal, slowly unless they have to move fast and then, amazingly, they even fly — just not very high or very far.

So, for right now, here are some of the pictures I shot. I’ll write more about them later but I have to head upstairs to work out a little before getting Nick up and out of bed. Don’t be surprised if I heavily edit this post later. Check back and see if I did.

~ by photobella on 23 May, 2008.

2 Responses to “photo of the day (turkey day)”

  1. How cool is that? I have never seen a turkey up close except on my plate at Thanksgiving. What wonders are out there in nature that we don’t take the time to notice??? Now that I have my camera, I can’t wait to get outside this weekend and discover more nature. And if it rains, well, I will settle for taking photos of my cats and children!!

  2. Wild turkeys are very common around here but this is the first time I’ve ever seen males in their full display. Most of the wildlife around here is hard to find. I have seen foxes and coyotes around but I have been told there are bears, bobcats and even mountain lions in town.

    I have never run across a wild iguana here in CT. The closest I’ve ever been to an iguana is at our local farm where Nick helped take care of the animals in the reptile room. They have 2 that were rescued from a local pet store.

    No crocs here either but there are some pretty mean and very large snapping turtles in our lakes. At least they aren’t man-eaters 🙂

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