photo of the day

When Zki asked Nick what he wanted to take pictures of with his new camera, Nick told him that he’d like to try Nature photography. We had been to a gallery opening at our friend Ray’s framing gallery, Bethel Photoworks and I think Nick had been impressed with the young man, Bill Kramer, who was showing his work. Bill is primarily an artist but he turned to photography so that he was painting from his own images instead of painting the work of others. Bill seemed to like to talk about his photography and Nick spoke to him for a little while about how Bill hikes into the woods and waits until Nature came to him so he can take his pictures. For the past few days, Nick and I have been focusing on the Nature that comes to us, right in our own backyard.

The other day I was filling by bird feeder so that I could take a few bird pictures and I managed to leave a bucket filled with sunflower seeds sitting on the patio steps. The chipmunks found the bucket and so I left it where it was and it has become a great photo op for Nick and me.

This goldfinch came by and was eyeing the bucket as well.

There are often deer who wander through our yard, mostly early in the evening. I have been playing with the tele-extender, which really doesn’t work well with my camera or Nick’s at all. However, if I play with the exposure I’ll eventually get one that works. This is a plug for shooting in Raw format. Normally, this would have been so underexposed that I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But I was curious as I could see some outlines in the shot and I just hit the auto button and there she was. She’s grainy as all heck and very soft, but I was pleased that what I thought was a throw away shot turned out not so bad after all.

A trip to the grocery store in the spring is always a photo opportunity. The two independently owned grocery stores in my area seem to be competing on a big scale for the best gardening department and so there are always beautiful flowers to shoot.

~ by photobella on 22 May, 2008.

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