photo of the day (may fair at new pond farm)

Finally, a day worthy of spring! I took Luath out for a long walk to celebrate. In order to avoid the traffic and narrow shoulders on our part of the road, I drove over to the post office and parked in their lot. We walked past Lonetown Marsh which is already covered with water lilies. Then we headed up the road towards Warrup Farm and the Country Club.

Warrups Farm is owned by our friends, Farmer Bill and his lovely wife, Laura. They are kind enough to offer up the Farm to many field trips enjoyed by Clare’s class as they study farming and agriculture.

The goslings have been hatched and are everywhere, including (and I’m sure to the chagrin of the Country Club members) the local golf course.

After my walk, I gathered up Nick and Clare and we headed out to our very favorite and most looked forward to spring event: The May Fair at New Pond Farm. I think if I ever were to move away from here, I’d miss New Pond Farm more than anything else in town. It has been such a big part of our lives as the children have been growing up here.

I don’t even know if I could choose just one thing I love the most about it. Would it be the unspoiled land available for exploring? Or the ability to interact and learn about so many animals, both wild and domesticated? Is it the people there who teach us how to be conscious about our environment and how we care for it? Or is it Farmer Chris and his amazing cheese? Well, whatever the answer to that question, New Pond Farm sure knows how to put on a party!

There are lots of babies at the farm and lambs a-plenty. Sheep shearing is a big event at the May Fair. These little guys looked on as the larger sheep were getting their summer hairdos.

These girls have already had their turn at the shears.

She’s still waiting for hers. I get the feeling that sheep don’t look forward to their trips to the salon as much as I do.

The alpacas were sporting their summer cuts as well.

Nick took this picture of the farm’s busy bees.

The barn was full of swallows making their nests in every nook and cranny.

Here are a couple of cows, peering out of the cowshed and watching the parade of people as they wait to be milked. New Pond Farm proudly displays it’s “Dairy Farm of Distinction” award.

Here’s a kid doing what I’ve been told goats do best. Just finding something to chew.

Well, we would have stayed all day but there was work to do at home. Nick and I worked on our raised bed project until the drill ran out. Luckily, tomorrow is another day and hopefully we can get the beds finished and set into the ground and ready to be filled on Monday. Pictures will be forthcoming!

~ by photobella on 17 May, 2008.

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